I am Jenny Drai.

I'm the author of three full-length collections of poetry, two poetry chapbooks, and a small press novella.

I’ve been awarded the Gail B. Crump Prize in Experimental Fiction from Pleiades Magazine and the Deerbird Novella Prize from Artistically Declined Press. Additional prose has been published in Banango Street and OmniVerse.

I’ve recently completed a novel, THYRA AND WULF, which uses characters and situations from several OE poems (Beowulf, Wulf and Eadwacer, and Deor) to tell an original story exploring contemporary themes such as anger, betrayal, grief, love, vulnerability, and trust, all set against the threat of ecological collapse.

My work-in-progress is a collection of short stories, many of which reflect on various aspects of mental illness. My characters connect to fairy tale, myth, and history in order to navigate the sometimes confusing terrain of their own worlds.

I've lived all over the place in both the US and Germany and have worked all sorts of odd jobs. I studied literature and foreign languages as an undergraduate and have an MFA in poetry. I currently live in Dortmund, Germany, and work as an English teacher.

I'm an amateur shutterbug, a cooking, television, travel, and swimming enthusiast (though not at the same time), a history buff (especially dark age and medieval history), a friend to all cats, a wearer of weird socks, and, above all else, a reader. In fact, I am inspired to write, most of all, by what I read.


All photos on this website were taken by me, unless otherwise noted, for better or for worse.